My Story


Hi! My name is Magdalene Lyon, but I like to be called Maggie. I am 6 years old and am homeschooled in first grade! I have 2 brothers Luke (5) and Gideon (3). My favorite things to do are play barbies, dress up, and spend time with my family and friends.

It all started on March of 2012  (a little over a week after my 5th birthday) when I went to the ER for a tummy ache.  Almost immediately they took me down for an x-ray and found that I had a large mass on my left kidney.  They said it looked like a cancerous tumor called Nephroblastoma or aka Wilms.  I was admitted into the hospital.


They then took a biopsy, which confirmed that it was Wilms, but during the biopsy my tumor began to bleed into itself.  We ended up in a ten hour emergency surgery where they began physically going into my tummy to stop the bleeding but they were unable to find the source of the blood.  They then sent me to a intervention radiologist who went through the artery in my leg to get to the tumor and found the source and slowed the bleeding level to a controllable level.  By this point the tumor was about 7 inches in all directions taking up my entire left abdomen but we were happy because had they not slowed the bleeding they said that I would have died and they said that they were looking for a “needle in a hay stack”… we know that God showed up!  Because of the rapid growth in my stomach during the bleeding they were unable to close my tummy so they put a wound vac over my opening and it kept my tummy closed until they removed it during my next major surgery in July.


They also learned that the tumor grew up from the IVC (major vein going into the heart) and into the top right chamber of the heart.  This created a situation where the doctors felt that it was unsafe to immediately remove my tumor until we used chemo to shrink it.  From my original day in the ER I ended up staying in the hospital for almost six weeks straight before getting to go home.  After I went home we came to the hospital two or three times every week for different procedures and treatments.  I also had several times when I was back inpatient.  They have now do ten weeks of chemo followed by a three week rest for surgery.


Surgery was on July 11th and they removed my left side of my kidney (my kidney we also learned was a “horseshoe kidney” which means that I had one large kidney) then they opened my chest up and put me on a by-pass machine while they removed the tumor from my IVC and then reconstructed my vein.  Surgery went as scheduled for the most part and took almost 13 hours. I had a little more chemo and radiation to go and then I got to go on my Make-A-Wish trip!!


As of 11/21 they did some more scans since my last chemo and found that the Wilms has relapsed and metastiszed to my lungs so they will be doing surgery a few days after thanksgiving to remove some of the tumors and then begin an aggressive inpatient chemo and radiation plan as soon as I recover for about a year or more.



One thought on “My Story

  1. I’ve seen you many times while inpatient and outpatient with my baby girl, Briel. You are always smiling and an inspiration! Praying God heal you completely and continue to use you to light up the 12th floor thru the rest of your journey!! Praying, praying!!

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